Finding ways to be more creative in the kitchen?

Finding ways to be more creative in the kitchen? 

Did you know Chai Lords can be used in baking?

Our amazing blends of Masala Chai in Chai Lords aren't just made for drinking! There are so many ways of incorporating our delicious and natural masala chai blends into your everyday cooking, sweets, baking and even savoury dishes!

Our Chai Lords ranges does not include any artificial flavouring, no preservatives, no refined sugar, hence it is a perfect staple for creative recipes in the kitchen such as Chai Banana Bread, Turmeric Chicken Curry, Chai infused Sweet Potato Chips, Chai Choc Chip Cookies alongside Protein Chai Smoothies and many more!

We have loads of recipes, videos and how to's on our website!

Head over to the recipe page to learn how to chai it up in your kitchen! 

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