International Women's Day with our Co-Founder Belinda Ruzicka

‘Growing up as the youngest of three girls, my Mum was a great inspiration and mentor in advocating for women in the workforce. After emigrating to Australia, Mum worked hard to learn English and pursue a career as a nurse in a foreign land, always learning new skills in pursuit of her passions. She set the bar high and has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams to be proud of my accomplishments. One of the greatest traits she has instilled in all her daughters is to not be afraid to push boundaries, whilst understanding that mistakes are normal and often a lesson in disguise. My Mum is my biggest fan and gets just as excited as I do about any success I’ve had.

One of my passions is cooking and this led to completing the hard yards to become a successful chef in a male dominated industry in Australia and abroad when I was just 19. A decade later I decided to take the leap and start my own business. Start ups are so challenging and no one takes you seriously until you are something. There is every mental roadblock if that's what you choose to focus on, but with a solid vision and good support, just about anything is achievable.

I hope to emulate this energy with my own daughter and show her how to become both fierce and nurturing in life, and support her every step of the way as her biggest fan.’

  • Belinda Ruzicka
    Co-founder of Teavision

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