"A healthy gut plays a vital role in our overall health" Guest editor Jessica Mahoney

Research has shown a healthy gut helps reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and can play a role in boosting our immune system, mood/mental health and aid in fat loss.


With the popularity of a healthy gut being on the rise, here are my top tips for improving gut health:


  1. Include a variety of plant based foods in your diet.

A plant-based diet can improve health and prevent disease by feeding the good bacteria (probiotics) in your digestive tract. Plant based foods include a large amount of fibre which has many benefits such as slowing digestion, keeping us fuller for longer, stabilising blood sugar levels and supporting regular bowel movements.


  1. Get your body moving.

Physical exercise has been shown to provide improvement in beneficial types of good bacteria and their functions. Whether it be a more strenuous training session or a simple movement flow before bed, many modalities have been shown to help improve gut health, reduce stress and improve sleep.


  1. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Research has shown a link between poor sleep and gut health imbalances which can lead to increased susceptibility to sickness. Sleep deprivation also has the potential to impact our desire to eat well, move our bodies and our overall mood - which can add to stress and anxiety levels in the body.


  1. Try to reduce/manage stress and anxiety.

When we are stressed, the activity in the digestive organs is decreased. Stress can lead to symptoms such as nausea, stomach cramps, excess gas, diarrhoea or constipation. Take a step back and come up with some ways you can help manage stress in your life or seek professional help to do so.


If you ever feel lost when it comes to your gut health or its related symptoms, or need further professional advice always seek help from a qualified medical professional.


The Chai Lord’s range of products are full of sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients designed to help: promote anti-inflammation, aid digestion and support overall health. Their spices’ nutrient profiles including a range antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Who doesn’t love a good chai blend - especially if its full of great ingredients! The whole range is gluten free, dairy free, preservative free and non GMO - including no nasties, only goodness!


They include ingredients such as Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamon which all possess pre and probiotic properties which may aid in improving gut health and its related symptoms.


More specifically, it includes Panela Sugar which is a pure, unrefined, whole cane sugar allowing it to still include many valuable vitamins & minerals and have a lower GI meaning it digests slowly over time. It also includes Star Anise which is said to aid muscle relaxation which may help with symptoms like constipation and cramping.


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Get to know Jess...
  • Bachelor of Science (Nutrition)
  • Personal Training Certificates
I personally want to empower women to find their OWN version of enjoyable health & develop skills to help them sustain it forever! I have witnessed my challenges and quick fixes in my time in this industry and I want to teach women that their diet is designed to fuel them and be thoroughly enjoyed!
My partner Matt and I co-own our gym Embodied Coaching (@embodiedcoaching). Our goal is to guide our clients with everything from moving correctly & effectively to improve strength, mobility & overall movement through multiple training modalities. Nutrition wise we focus on achieving enjoyment, consistency and finding your own perspective of health within your diet!
Simply Daisy is launching Late 2021 so stay tuned! I designed this business from a place of passion for all things movement, functionality, hygiene & style. We are a small business full of love for all things movement, whether it be pilates, yoga, gymnastics or even dancing! We can’t wait for you to fall in love with our grip socks and more! Stay tuned @simplydaisyactive



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