Can you have good skin and eat your cake too? Guest editor Bec Huggett

From a young age I have always enjoyed cake, lets face it what kid hasn’t but my love for the sweet sugary delight has not wavered into my 30’s. If anything, my passion and joy for baking and eating cake has only increased.… However, while spending ten years in the beauty industry I was conscious of how high sugar diets were affecting my skin (not to mention my internal workings and waistline)

So can you have good skin and eat your cake to?

Well let’s look at the effects of high sugar on your skin. The sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins and produces harmful free radical, causing your skin to lose collagen and elastin, excess sugar causes inflammation in the skin which can inflame acne and worsen eczema. OK enough about that, so what can you have to concur these sweet craving while not causing too much excess damage to your skin.

Well ingredient labels are my biggest thing, you’ll be surprised at how much sugar is added to teas, coffees, sauces etc. So when I started working with Chai lords I was pleasantly surprised to see how they sweetened their chai’s.

With natural sugars, like rice malt, honey and Certified Organic panela sugar. While these are still sugars, they are unrefined sugars meaning they are higher in vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and cause less damage to the body.

So why not add that to cake? … Chai Lords. I lessened the amount of sugar by substituting for the Instant chai powder and added the honey leaf to milk to make a luscious brew to blend the dry ingredients.

And if the empty plate in the break room at work is anything to go by, I think it was a success.  

Chai Lords, not your average Chai. 


Click here for Bec's Chai Lords Spiced Cake recipe!


A bit about Bec...

  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy
  • Certificate of Commercial Cookery

Instagram: @bec.huggett

Growing up around food and studying cookery during my teenage years provided me with a great appreciation and outlook towards food coming into my adult life. Working in cafes and restaurants around Victoria, baking specialty cakes for all occasions and learning about Business.

Moving over to a beauty therapy career in my early 20’s focussing on the organic and natural side of skin care and health. I started an Organic Beauty Salon in Country Victoria at the age of 24. Here I wanted to create a space for my clients to come and completely relax and unwind, a sanctuary and escape from the busy world we live in, while providing quality organic and natural skin care and treatments. This business was a wonderful experience and a challenge I’m thankful for.

After running my beauty salon for several years and working in the beauty industry for over a decade, I was ready for something new, another challenge that I could incorporate my cooking skills, my knowledge of organic ingredients and Business. Along came Teavision/ Chai Lords.

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