What Your Favourite Chai Flavour Says About You...

Loose leaf Honey Chai

If you are a lover of our chai blended with raw, Australian Honey then you are definitely a wholesome queen. You probably love to bake, go for an afternoon walk and enjoy your favourite novel that you have read possibly too many times. 


Instant Chai Latte

You're cool, calm and collected. You love to go out with friends to the places you chose because only you know the best spots. You for sure order extra guacamole with your nachos and have a bit of trouble sharing (we don't blame you, guac is everything).


Loose Leaf Vegan Chai

Your veggie garden is THRIVING with various vegetables and legumes. You try to be as healthy as possible but cannot help indulge in delicious vegan treats. Living a more natural way of life is your passion and you cannot help but spread your love and advice with others. 


Activated Turmeric Latte

You get excited very easily and don't need a lot of caffeine to get moving! Nothing ever scares you. You are adventurous and outgoing. You're thrill seeking and enjoy nothing more than testing your limits!

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