The Benefits of Star Anise in your Chai Latte

Star anise is a seed pod that is extracted from the fruit of the illicit serum plant.  The star anise pod is picked before it ripens and then dried in the sun, turning it a deep brown or rust colour. The flavour is quite intense with a liquorice taste. It is warm, sweet and spicy making it a great addition to a seriously good chai latte. You will find star anise in all of our blends as it has been used in chai mixes for centuries.

Star anise is known to kill off bacteria. It has been shown to possess powerful antibacterial properties and may protect the body against harmful strains of bacteria. It may also assist with the fight against the flu as it contains a compound called 'shikimic acid', which is commonly found in medications used to treat influenza. The addition of vitamin C also supports our immune health and protects the body against infection and disease. It may be small, but this spice is full health benefits and most importantly, flavour!

Star anise is also rich in antioxidants and may boost overall heart health. This spice may be able to help reduce oxidative stress, prevent the buildup of harmful free radicals and help enhance heart health. It has also been used to treated bloated stomachs and stomach cramps for years now which makes it the perfect spice to consume after meals.

Our Instant Chai Latte is caffeine free, dairy free, gluten free and made with 100% natural ingredients so it is the perfect beverage to drink after meals and especially at the end of the day. The use of star anise may help break down the food in your stomach to soothe any pains and also be a natural source to help relax the body after a big day.

Whether you're after a caffeine boost or a soothing latte, our products utilise star anise to give you a seriously good chai latte. 


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