Teaming up with Foodbank to distribute over 2,000 Chai Lattes.

Did you know one in five Australians have been food insecure at some point? 

Chai Lords has been proud to contribute over 2,000 chai latte's to Foodbank. Foodbank is Australia's largest food relief organisation, partnering with over 250 non-for-profit charities across the nation.

Last year alone, Foodbank sourced enough food for over 88 million meals. 

With the nation experiencing many lockdowns, our Foodbank saw a need to get healthy food to as many people as possible. But COVID restrictions meant they had to be safe and smart. On the 23rd July, Foodbank opened up our warehouses for a drive-thru service.

With an amazing effort from staff and volunteers, as well as traffic controllers managing the flow of people, we were able to provide thousands of hampers of food to Australians doing it tough during the lockdown.

Chai Lords is very grateful we have been able to share our chai lattes with everyone!

Please visit the Foodbank website for more information.


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