Will A Chai Latte Make You Sleepy?

Chai Lords offer caffeine free options so you can enjoy a chai latte at anytime of the day.

We offer both our best selling Instant Chai Latte and Activated Turmeric Latte. Completely caffeine free and full of spice so you can prepare a chai latte right before bed and your sleep won't be interrupted.

Chai is a well known stress-reliever. Numerous studies link tea to numerous health benefits including reducing stress, feeling calm and more relaxed. The flavoursome and healing spices. Spices like turmeric and cardamom contain polyphenol-type antioxidants that fight oxidative stress and reduce inflammation.

Our Loose Leaf Honey Chai and Loose Leaf Vegan Chai include black tea which is known to be caffeinated. Tannins are a class of polyphenols that can bind to various organic compounds producing a dark-brownish colour and dry-bitter taste of black tea. Black tea’s tannins are strong antioxidants that bind to caffeine and slow down its release and effect on the brain.

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