Why Chai? The Health Benefits of a Seriously Good Chai Latte.

A chai latte a day may improve your digestion...

Studies have also shown that other chai essentials, such as cinnamon and cloves as well as cardamom and black pepper, possess antibacterial properties. These properties can prevent digestive problems resulting from bacterial infections. 


Chai can benefit my teeth?!

We have cloves to thank for this benefit! You may notice reduced teeth sensitivity when drinking chai daily. This super spice adds warm and sweetness to your chai latte. Cloves have also been found to have anti-inflammatory properties.


Chai may be able to prevent stomach ulcers and aid indigestion...

Ginger has been found to ease nausea in pregnant women, but what if you're nauseated due to a stomach ulcer? You can still find relief from chai tea.
You may be thinking that ginger is the hero, but it is actually cardamom! 
Another spice in chai that aids digestion is black pepper, which helps the pancreas produce digestive enzymes. These enzymes work as catalysts to speed up digestive processes that break down fats and proteins.


Chai lattes may improve your overall health

When you consider all of the health benefits of the different components in chai tea, you can see why ancient people considered it a medicinal elixir. The rich spices are each full of incredible health benefits, and together they are truly powerful!



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