History of Chai Tea...5000 years!

What is Chai Tea? 

Did you know chai tea lattes have been around for over 5,000 years?

Legend has it that the origin of chai latte was created in India when members of the royal family would have their healers create healing spiced beverage with herbs and spices. The heat from ginger and black pepper was believed to stimulate digestion; the antiseptic properties in cloves were thought to help relieve pain; cardamom was used as a mood elevator; cinnamon supported circulation and respiratory function; and star anise was known to freshen the breath amongst other anti-oxidants.

As this warm and soothing healing chai latte spread across the world a wide variety of spices were used to prepare the drink.

Believe it or not, original versions of “masala chai”, or “spiced tea”, contained no actual tea leaves. Milk and sugar were also later additions to the now worldly famous chai latte.

The addition of black tea leaves, milk and sugar were popularised in the mid 1800's when the "Camellia sinensis assamica" tea plant variety was discovered in India and cultivated by the British, who had an insatiable desire for strong black tea with milk and sugar. Not long later this warm and soothing chai latte beverage was spread across the world from the USA to Australia to Africa. 

Fast forward to the 21st century with Chai Lords, we are bringing this traditional chai latte blend beverage into the modern day, using our creation of secret blends herbs and spices that makes a seriously good chai!


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