'Gut Health' with Stacey from Natural Spoonfuls

What factors do we have to consider when it comes to gut health?
There are SO many factors to consider when looking into gut health, it’s important to look at your current circumstances and your history. And not only yours but also your mothers and grandmothers! Research has provided insight that a vaginal childbirth and breast feeding is favourable in positively colonising the gut microbiome.
Other important factors to consider are:

  • antibiotic use
  • medications
  • stress
  • toxins
  • your environment
  • and of course food consumption!

What is the gut microbiome?
The gut microbiome is located in the digestive system and is made up of microorganisms that create a gut flora.
I like to describe it as a beautiful garden that is either flourishing or struggling. It interacts with the rest of the body and plays a large role in inflammation. Poor gut health can promote an inflammatory state that can create oxidative stress on the body, this can lead to many different chronic health conditions.

What is Leaky gut?
Leaky gut is referring to Intestinal permeability. This means the walls of the small intestine have become permeable, which can lead to poor nutrient absorption and digestive issues.

Harmful bacteria and toxins can seep through, as opposed to the body digesting and eliminating these unwanted particles. 

Think of it like a fly screen, there are small holes (or tight junctions) that are naturally porous, now picture rips through the fly screen allowing harmful molecules to pass through.

Can we heal leaky gut?
Yes there is lots we can do!  I definitely recommend working with a qualified health professional to assist you with this. But there are some things that can start to do ourselves. 

What foods support Gut Health?
Include Prebiotics & Probiotics!
Prebiotics can be found in non-digestible fibre rich foods. They feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. So are super important! Sources: Asparagus, Unripe Bananas (can use green banana flour), Eggplant, Garlic, Jerusalem Artichokes, Leeks & Onions.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide beneficial bacteria for the gut.
Sources: are fermented foods 
Natural/Greek Yoghurt, Pickled Vegetables, Sauerkraut, Kefir, Kimchi, Kombucha, Miso & Tempeh. Include small amounts of these regularly in your diet.

Other ways to support gut health include:

  • Manage Stress
  • Regular Movement
  • Prioritise Sleep
  • Eat Mindfully & Slowly
  • Eat Seasonal Real Food & Stay Hydrated

Why is chai lords great for our gut?
Additives have been linked to disturbing gut health, fortunately Chai Lord’s products only use natural wholefoods in their formula. Highly refined sugar has also been linked to digestive issues and thankfully Chai Lords uses certified organic panela sugar which is simply dehydrated cane juice. By making these simple swaps to natural wholefoods, we can sustainably support our gut health!


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Get to know Stacey...

  1. Who or what has been your motivation to succeed?  
    My motivation stems from purely wanting to help as many people as I can. I hope to empower others to nutritiously fuel their body & mind through an intuitive & mindful approach. I encourage others to embrace nature & let it assist in living a balanced & nourishing life.
  2. What advice would you give your younger self?
    You’ve got this! Keep dreaming and take actionable steps to achieve your goals! 
  3. What is your favourite meal?
    I recently developed a delicious creamy recipe which I just can’t get enough of! Cauliflower Carbonara, the full recipe can be found here

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